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Don't Sign That Yet! The 8 Biggest Pitfalls of Contracting For Contractors



Contractors are offered contracts every day; these are a daily part of construction, and contracts represent the life blood of your business. As trial counsel, we cringe at some of the clauses forced onto specialty contractors, and over time, we have assisted clients by helping negotiate better subcontracts. We repeatedly see the eight red flags that should immediately prompt you to deliver the proposed contract to your attorney for assistance in protecting your company. You work hard for your money; your attorney can help you keep the money and avoid these pitfalls if you engage counsel before signing a bad contract. 

California Contractors State License Board – What Happens After A Claim Is Filed? 



As with any California administrative agency there are always areas of uncertainty and the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is no different. In this brief article we try to shed some light on what happens with a typical complaint filed by an aggrieved homeowner or general contractor. This discussion is necessarily very broad and for any specific issue or situation there can be significant variations so we suggest you always consult with a qualified lawyer if you have been contacted by the CSLB.

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